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Thank you for participating in the Urban Development Nework webinar series. We kindly ask you to fill in this survey.

Your input and assessment will provide insights and suggestions for the design and implementation of Sustainable Urban Development (SUD) interventions in the EU and will help us further develop the activities of the Urban Development Network. The Survey outcome will also contribute to the Feedback Report that will be distributed to all participants following the workshop

We would like to thank you once again for sharing your expertise and your interest in our webinars. We hope it has been a fruitful experience for you!

The UDN team


1. You are from *

2. What is your likely involvement in elaboration/implementation of SUD strategy/ies under Art. 9 of the proposed ERDF Regulation for 2021-2027? *

UDN Webinar experience

1. I have attended

STRATEGY. Co-creating robust urban development strategies, 3 November 2020 *

TERRITORIAL FOCUS. Defining the right spatial dimension for your urban strategy, 9 November 2020 *

GOVERNANCE. Facilitating effective and inclusive decision making, 11 November 2020 *

INTEGRATION. Achieving cross-sectoral integration,17 November 2020 *

FUNDING. Multiple funding sources as the key for integration and sustainability, 19 November 2020 *

MONITORING. Measuring progress towards your goals, 25 November 2020 *

Please rate the following sentences in relation to your expectations

Please rate the activities in relation to your expectations
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Could be improved
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2. How do you rate the overall quality of the the webinar series? *

3. How do you rate the usefulness of the webinar series has been regarding the following *
Making relevant contacts and peers

Getting in touch with European Commission services

Increasing awareness and understanding of new methodologies

Increasing awareness and understanding of urban challenges and related policy trends

Improving SUD strategy, governance and administrative capacities for 2021-2027

Improving implementation of current 2014-2020 SUD interventions

4. Would you consider implementing the ideas you have learned about at the webinar series? *

5. Please rate the usefulness of the different webinar sessions you participated in *






6. Please rate the quality of the content of the sessions you participated in? *
0. Moderation

1. Introduction of the relevant Handbook chapter

2. Learning from the policy makers

3. Reactions from the rapporteur expert

4. Future Cohesion Policy: Looking ahead to the new programming period

7. Please rate the quality of the organisation of the webinar sessions you participated in? *
1. Registration

2. Communication and information provided before and after the event

3. Online communication platform (Webex)

4. Interactivity and exchanges during the webinar (polls, Q&A, chat)

5. Overall duration

0 / 1500 (min : 10)

0 / 1500 (min : 10)

0 / 1500 (min : 10)

11. Please indicate if you authorise the use of your quote on this website *

Looking ahead

12. What kind of support would be most helpful for preparing and implementing of SUD strategies for 2021-2027 ?
Country-specific workshops *

General seminars in Brussels to exchange with other cities on Art,7 (future Art.9) issues *

Peer review sessions on integrated urban strategies with cities from other EU countries *

Thematic workshops (e.g. innovation in urban development, sustainable urban mobility, energy transition, urban circular economy, local economic development etc.) *

Workshops focusing on technical issues, such as definition of project selection criteria, monitoring and indicators, use of SCOs etc *

Workshops focusing on methods/approaches (e.g. on enhancing local-led participative approaches, financial instruments, simplification of procedures etc.) *

More site visits to Peer2Peer learning from good examples *

More online webinars, even in the `new normal`. *

On the Handbook

13. Did you already know about the Handbook of Sustainable Urbna Development Strategies before the webinar series? *

14. Have you visited the Handbook of Sustainable Urbna Development Strategies website after the event? *

15. What building block is most relevant for sustainable urban development strategies, building on your experience and knowledge ?
Strategic dimension *

Cross-sectoral integration *

Territorial focus *

Funding and finance *

Governance *

Monitoring *

16. What would you like to see in the future developments of the Handbook online?
New building blocks *

More links to existing guidance/tools *

Text more synthetic *

More examples *

More in depth information on the additional resources *

Animation, short videos, interactivity *

More in depth information on examples/good practices *

New challenges *

More quantitative data analysis on urban strategies and better link to the webtool STRAT-Board *

0 / 1500 (min : 10)

0 / 1500 (min : 10)

0 / 1500 (min : 10)

If you answered to the question 19 than go to the questions 20 and 21. If not please submit the feedback form.
20. For what building block/s do you deem it is a good practice ? (Please fill in in case you suggested a good practice )
Strategic dimension

Cross-sectoral integration

Territorial focus

Funding and finance