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A key requirement for the success of European Regional Development Fund is ensuring that individual investments are part of a long-term strategy. Urban strategies can be seen as roadmaps aimed at triggering a desired change. Building them requires collective planning and tailor-made, realistic visions. This webinar will discuss how to set up robust strategies, working in a multi-level governance system, bridging the gap between the Cohesion Policy dimension and the local policy level.

Strategy webinar presentations

>> Handbook of Sustainable Urban Development Strategies: general overview and focus on the Strategic Dimension
Martina Pertoldi, Joint Research Centre EC

>> The strategic dimension to sustainable urban development in Rotterdam
Ruud van Raak, Programme Manager, Kansen voor West Managing Authority, NL

>> 6AIKA: a collaborative approach to city strategies
Tuula Antola, City of Espoo, on behalf of 6Aika: the Finnish Six City Strategy, FI

>> The French national urban policy
Sabrina Abdi, ANCT, French Agency for Territorial Cohesion, FR

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Sustainable urban development strategies can target single neighbourhoods, small or large cities. They can even go beyond administrative boundaries, targeting larger functional areas and dealing with urban-rural linkages. This webinar will take stock of the different territorial scales at which urban strategies are being implemented, highlighting similarities and differences between urban strategies targeting different territorial contexts. It will also draw lessons for the next programming period on how to find the right territorial scale for future urban interventions.

Territorial Focus webinar presentations

>> Introducing the Handbook of Sustainable Urban Development Strategies and the territorial focus in sustainable urban development
Carlotta Fioretti, Joint Research Centre, European Commission

>> Beyond Boundaries: Reflecting metropolitan cooperation in Brno
Soňa Raszková, Foreign Cooperation and Marketing Communication Specialist at the City of Brno, Czech Republic

>> Neighbourhood approaches - Area and people - based urban regeneration
Joanna Brzezińska, Deputy Director, Revitalisation and Housing Bureau, the City of Łódź, Poland

>> Urban-Rural links for Territorial Cohesion
Kasper van Hout, European Projects Expert, City of Murcia, Spain

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Good governance arrangements contribute to more transparent, inclusive, responsive, and effective decision-making. This webinar looks at the key issue of governance when applied to sustainable urban development. It will include the direct experience of policy-makers in facilitating coordination between different levels of government, and in identifying and involving all relevant stakeholders, including ways that strengthen citizen engagement.

Governance webinar presentations

>> Handbook of Sustainable Urban Development Strategie: overview and the Governance
Sjoerdje Van Heerden, Joint Research Centre, European Commission

>> Local authority collaboration and multi-level governance
Zdenka Simonovic, Head of Development Projects Section, City of Ljubljana, Slovenia

>> Implementing Community Led Local Development in cities
Sam Hurulean, Policy Advisor and Ton Overmeir, Team Manager Department for Urban Development (Housing division) The Hague, Netherlands

>> Participatory budgets and the multi stakeholder approach
Karin Pereira, Codecision Practices Head of Unit, City of Cascais, Portugal

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To tackle complex urban problems, strategies must integrate different policy dimensions. But achieving such integration can be challenging. This webinar will give you some hints on how to adopt a cross-sectoral approach to urban strategies, overcoming the silo structure, which often characterises public organisations. Among the questions discussed in the webinar will be: how to make different departments and offices work together, and how to create an enabling environment for integration at all levels, dealing with different funding priorities and frameworks

Integration webinar presentations

>> Introducing the Handbook of Sustainable Urban Development Strategies and cross sectoral integration
Carlotta Fioretti, Joint Research Centre, European Commission

>> The Managing Authority perspective
Alessandra de Renzis, Managing Authority of Tuscany ERDF Region Operational Programme, Italy

>> Cross sectoral integration in territorial governance collaboration
Nicolaie Moldovan, Policy Advisor for Cohesion Policy, Structural Reforms & Budget at European Parliament; City Manager of Alba Iulia Municipality 2012 - 2019

>> Cross-sectoral integration on management and project level
Heidi Tency, Funding Manager, Strategic Funding Office, City of Gent, Belgium

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Key for ensuring a robust urban strategy under the EU’s Cohesion Policy is to mobilise a wide range of actors and resources. Three main issues will be discussed during this webinar: the integration of European Structural and Investment Funds within themselves, and with domestic funds; the involvement of private investors and the third sector in funding urban strategies; and the use of financial instruments and financial products. The webinar will shed light on the challenges and possible solutions related to the institutional and administrative capacity of urban authorities and managing authorities in terms of funding and finance.

Funding webinar presentations

>> Introducing the Handbook of Sustainable Urban Development strategies and the funding and finance dimension
Martina Pertoldi, Joint Research Centre, European Commission

>> Handbook of Sustainable Urban Development Strategies: Multiple funding sources as the key for integration and sustainability
Nikos Karadimitriou, Associate Professor Bartlett School of Planning, UCL

>> Combining domestic and EU funds
Yannis Evmolpidis, Vice President, Green Fund, Athens 2020 Investment Programme, Greece

>> A multi sectoral approach to funding and finance
Jordan Guardo Vazquez, City of Bilbao, Spain

>> Financial innovation: implementing Green Bonds
Sara Pettersson, Sustainable Urban Planning Officer and Fredrik Block, Portfolio Manager, City of Gothenburg, Sweden

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Monitoring is a fundamental pillar in the design and implementation of Sustainable Urban Development strategies. Effective monitoring quantifies the development set in motion through the strategy, and strengthens the transparency and legitimacy of the policy process. This webinar will look at some of the challenges and possible solutions that policy-makers face when setting up coherent and effective monitoring frameworks. In particular, it will highlight ways to measure the added value an integrated approach, and how to align the monitoring of local objectives with supranational agendas in order to see how urban strategies contribute to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals.

Monitoring webinar presentations

>> Introducing the Handbook of Sustainable Urban Development Strategies and monitoring
Sjoerdje Van Heerden, Joint Research Centre, European Commission

>> Monitoring Frameworks- the local authority perspective
Ina Homeier, Head of Smart City Unit, City of Vienna, Austria

>> Localizing the Sustainable Development Goals at city level
Verena Schwarte, Department of International Affairs and Global Sustainability, City of Bonn, Germany

>> Monitoring of sustainable urban development strategies within Regional Operational Programme of the Silesian Voivodeship
Anna Dudek, Main Expert, Department for Regional Development, Silesia Region, Poland

>> Monitoring system of the Integrated Territorial Investments Central Subregion of the Upper Silesia
Agata Schmidt, Vice Director, Association of Municipalities and Counties of Central Subregion of the Silesia Region, Poland